Shadow-Caster Single Zone Lighting Controller


The Shadow-Caster SNLC Single Zone Lighting Controller is the ideal accessory for controlling a single zone of RGB lighting. Easily control and synchronize up to 250 Watts of lighting off a simple switch. Any momentary switch is compatible with this controller.  Add the Shadow-Caster Momentary Switch for full control with the add-on option below.



The Shadow-Caster® single zone lighting controller is a low cost, marine grade RGBW LED controller that can be operated from a standard switch. Simply toggle power to set color and brightness. The SCM-SNLC also has a built in Shadow-NET® interface that allows the controller to synchronize color and lighting control with other Shadow-NET® devices. This enables a convenient way to make Shadow-Caster® underwater lights match the color of interior RGBW lighting.


  • Selectable RGB or RGBW output to support an optional white channel
  • Color coded connections make for easy installation
  • Integrated Shadow-NET® interface broadcasts lighting commands to synchronize other Shadow-NET® enabled lighting products such as underwater lights and down lights
  • This device can be added to an existing Shadow-NET® network as an additional RGBW zone
  • Control brightness, color, and select multiple fade modes
  • Compatible with RGBW strips from other manufacturers
  • Internal RGBW back light to indicate current color and mode
  • Exclusive power control technology to mitigate effects of electrical noise
  • Custom software versions available for boat builder applications. Contact Shadow-Caster® support for more details


  • 5.2” (132mm) x 2” (51mm) x 2.75” (70mm)
  • IP65 washdown rated enclosure
  • 10-30 volts input range
  • Power: Support for 250W of RGBW lighting, 20 amps
  • ATC fuse for protecting the output


  • Lighting controller
  • Mounting hardware
  • Quick start guide
  • Standard 2 year warranty


 1. Power Toggle Control

  • Quickly toggle power source to advance to next color or brightness level.
  • Cycle power to select color: white, blue, red, green, aqua, blue-violet, violet, magenta, yellow, purple, orange, green-yellow
  • Toggle power on initial power up to set brightness

2. Add Push Button Control (Shadow NET Modes include unlimited shades of color and fading, dimming, strobe rate, music sync, multiple zones, and much more. This offers dramatically enhanced lighting capabilities through your existing MFD)

  • Connect to any push button controller Part # SCM-SWITCH-O-O-MOMENTARY
  • Ask about Shadow-Caster®’s highest quality, marine-grade push button controllers, optimized to work seamlessly with your lighting requirements.
  • Single color fade, multi-color fade, and multi-color rotate with optional push button input
  • Press and hold button to dim or increase brightness of lights

3. Add Shadow-NET® Control

  • Dramatic, full-feature control through your Multifunction Display (MFD) by adding the Shadow-NET® control module (SCM-MFD-LC) & app

Looking for the Shadow-Caster Round Multi-Zone Lighting Controller Kit? Click here.

Have a question? Contact Us for custom inquiries/questions.

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