Chum Dumpster


Introducing the Chum Dumpster – your go-to solution for hassle-free chum preparation.  The adjustable, and durable design, cutting-edge system streamlines your fishing process, as a result you can spend less time on prep and more time reeling in the big ones. Compact, portable, and easy to clean, fits directly onto any standard 5 gallon bucket, stows inside the same bucket when not in use – the Chum Dumpster is your key to a successful fishing experience. Less time cutting equals more time fishing. It literally pays for itself. It’s CHUMTASTIC!


Chum Dumpster: Elevating Your Chumming Game

Precision Cutting Mastery

Embark on a revolutionary chumming journey with the Chum Dumpster's Precision Cutting Mastery. Impeccably engineering results in an elevated chumming experience, ensuring a consistently enticing texture that captivates a diverse array of fish species.

Customized Chumming Tactics

Unlock your full chumming potential through the Chum Dumpster's Adjustable Cutting Settings. Whether you opt for fine particles or larger chunks, tailor your bait presentation to suit the distinct preferences of your target catch, thereby enhancing your overall fishing strategy.

Efficiency Redefined for Maximum Catches

Streamlined Chumming Process

Indulge in unprecedented efficiency with the Chum Dumpster's Streamlined Chumming Process. Bid farewell to laborious bait preparation, and embrace more time on the water, significantly amplifying your chances of securing a triumphant catch.

User-Friendly Operation

Navigate the chumming landscape effortlessly with the Chum Dumpster's User-Friendly Operation. Purposefully designed for optimal efficiency from setup to cleanup, even the busiest anglers can seamlessly integrate this system into their routine, thereby enhancing overall fishing enjoyment.

Built to Last: Durability for Enduring Adventures

Rugged Construction

Conquer the challenges of the marine environment with the Chum Dumpster's Rugged Construction. Crafted from premium materials (Starboard), this system boasts a robust design that stands resilient, ensuring it withstands the test of time.

Effortless Maintenance

Simplify post-fishing upkeep with the Chum Dumpster's Effortless Maintenance. The easy-to-clean design streamlines your routine, guaranteeing your equipment remains in peak condition for the next angling expedition.

On-the-Go Chumming Convenience

Compact Portability

Chum wherever your adventures take you with the Chum Dumpster's Compact Portability. Purposefully designed for easy transport, this tool grants you the freedom to chum on the go, thereby increasing flexibility and elevating your prospects for a triumphant day on the water.

Seamless Integration

Immerse yourself in the on-the-go chumming lifestyle with the Chum Dumpster's Seamless Integration. Effortlessly incorporate this compact system into your fishing routine, ensuring you're always prepared for success.

Elevate your fishing prowess with the Chum Dumpster – where precision seamlessly meets convenience. Order yours today and embark on a new era of efficiency and success during every angling expedition.

Fits on any standard 5 gallon Bucket, conveniently stows in the same bucket when not in use.

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