Rope Spool


9 1/2″ Wide  8″ Tall

Made with 1/2″ starboard and stainless hardware.

*Rope not included*


Is your rope still in good shape but that flimsy spool it came with all broken and rotten?  We’ve design a new starboard spool out of 1/2″ starboard.  Feed the rope into the center support and wrap up your rope with a sturdy spool.  Won’t crack from weather and the outdoor elements or even being dropped or stuffed in storage areas.  Built with stainless hardware.  Designed to be the last spool you’ll have to buy.  Great for rear anchor ropes or similar rope up to 100ft in length.


We designed this because the spool that came with the rope for our rear anchor used at the sandbar was falling apart causing a huge balled up rope mess.


*Rope not included*


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