Fishing Rod Carrier and Cleaning Station


Width 23 1/2″ x Depth 8 1/2″ x Height 25″


Can be used for rod storage or even better as a caddy from garage to boat and from dock back to home.  No more laying the rods down on the ground, getting them tangled or stepped on.  Carry all the rods at once from one place to the next neatly and tangle free.  Rinse them and let them dry all upright all while in the Rod Caddy.  This item is made from durable starboard and will withstand the harsh environment.  Sturdy enough to not topple over and designed with a handle height to make for easy carrying.  You can even bring this with you on your fishing vacations to carry your rods from location to location or use as a storage system.  For those with many rods you can keep your rods rigged for each season and have a king-fish caddy, a heavy grouper caddy, a lighter snapper caddy and an inshore caddy.  Just grab the caddy of the species your fishing for that day and leave the sorting to the caddy.

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Dimensions 23.5 × 8.5 × 25 in


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